About Racheal

My name is Racheal Hand. I have been happily married for 10 years and mother to 2  beautiful boys aged 6 and 8. We are a Christian family that has been a voice for the people and preserving freedoms for many years. In 2007, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a specialization in business. But my greatest accomplishment was becoming a mother in 2013. I was always the mom at every field trip, every bake sale because not only did I want to be around my own children, but was also looking out for the children of other parents who could not be there. As they always used to say, it takes a village to raise children, and it’s time we take it back to that – All Hands On Deck! 

Growing up, I witnessed my parents fulfill the American Dream. As a hispanic woman, statistics would suggest there was a certain path for me. I’m proud to say how I was raised, which was due to hard work and perseverance, you can achieve what you want in life. A concept that has been sadly lost. As a parent and advocate for our children, I am determined to empower our kids to learn and live those same values. 

Reasons for running

St. John’s County is one of the best school districts in the State of Florida. However, with its rapid growth and ideological infiltration of unproductive curriculum, it will quickly go down in ratings if we do not intercede with what is inevitably to come. I waited months to allow someone else to step up to fight for the seat in district 1. Yet no one, I believe, that would truly represent parents has stepped up. So it came down to “If not me, then who?” and here I am.

After speaking with many parents and teachers in our county, the problem lies in the fact that accountability is lacking. Processes to remove books from school libraries are taking too long. Repercussions of teachers slipping in their own curriculum or agenda that hurt or confuse children is not addressed. Student behavior is deteriorating. Teachers feel silenced and can’t speak up. Parents are tired and are yearning to be heard and represented among the school board. 

In order to protect my children, we felt the need to temporarily pull them out of school while transitioning to Florida, like so many parents have already done. We knew it was time to take a stand and decided to put our trust in the St. Johns County school system and enroll our boys back into school. Too many families are contemplating those same decisions and it’s time to preserve the right to a public education for EVERY child. It is time to stop forcing families and teachers OUT of our public education.

Main concerns


  • I am for parental rights to be protected and advocated for – We have a law now protecting us and it must be enforced
  • No parent should be left in the dark about ANYTHING regarding their children in school
  • No parent should feel they are not being heard
  • I would like to encourage a parent/teacher accountability relationship so each student is provided with the best education and assistance


  • Children need to be just that, children, and it is important we protect them at all costs
  • I am for quality education for our children with no outside influence or ideologies
  • We must empower our children and not tell them what or how to think through embedded curriculum
  • Implement thorough evaluation of school processes regarding student behavior (bullies will be held accountable) enhanced resources must be improved (IEP, etc.) 


  • Teachers are one of our first lines of defense when it comes to protecting our children and too many have felt their hands are tied
  • We need to create a workplace and environment that will attract the best teachers for our children. If we take care of our teachers, they will take care of our children.
  • Evaluate the trainings provided to our teachers, subs, etc. and make sure they are supported by their administration.  
  • It’s time for the teachers who do not agree with how the schools are handling situations pertaining to curriculum and student behavior to be protected and advocated for
  • We must protect the teachers who have a true passion for teaching our children and allowing parents to raise their children


  • Rezoning is a major issue on our children’s mental health as well as parents.
  • Although overdevelopment has become an issue in our county, majority of those decisions are out of the hands of the school board. That doesn’t mean that I, as a parent or potential school board member, cannot get involved. My pledge to you, is I will be right along side the parents of St. John’s County, holding county commission and developers accountable for this issue that is affecting our children and creating rezoning issues.

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Because of you, we were able to accomplish over our goal in just 21 days. We have qualified to get my name on the ballot for the primaries on August 23.


Dates to save

  • Primaries August 23Must be a registered voter in St. Johns County, District 1 to vote in the primaries.

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